We Paid off $18k of Student Loan Debt in 1 Year

We Paid off $18k of Student Loan Debt in 2016 | www.thegoodfamily.us
These are the three steps we started with on our journey to pay off our student loan debt.

We Paid off $18k of Student Loan Debt in 1 Year!

In January of 2016 I decided we finally needed to get a handle on our finances and work on paying off debt. Even though we could pay the bills, we had no clue how much money we made versus how much we spent each month. Our budgeting used to involve educated guessing on my part: we’d pay bills based on who was getting paid next and we had a weird system of putting money in the joint account to make bill pay possible. It sounds bad, doesn’t it? Because it was.

Well, my 2016 New Year’s Resolution was to fix our mindset and start treating our finances like the adults we pretend to be. We accomplished this by taking these three major steps:
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Our Raised Ranch Home

It’s been a full year since we bought our house so it’s long past time to share some pictures.

We weren’t really planning on becoming home owners for a few more years, but when our landlord decided to sell the house we were renting, we were faced with a tough decision: Move to another rental for a few years before buying a home (and moving again) or scrape together a down payment a buy a house. Personally, I was sick of moving so we decided it was time to buy.

Here’s what we purchased:
This style of home is called a raised ranch. It’s very common in Western NY but definitely not anyone’s first choice in a home. I have to admit, it has grown on me since we’ve moved in.

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Cat-proof the house: Fixing the Fireplace – story time

Story time: Mia is helping us discover new ways to cat-proof our house.

Our home came with a faux fireplace that allows for an electric insert. It’s actually quite nice! One issue arose when we got Mia and she insisted on going into the dark opening back there. We knew we needed to make it cat-proof somehow.

2015-12-28 15.44.21
Michael and Mia

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