Hi, we’re the Goods!

We’re a young couple originally from rural, Northeastern Pennsylvania. We’ve relocated and bought a house in suburban, western New York. We both have professional jobs in technical fields and are big geeks. When we’re not working, we use our time to discover new things about finances, DIY projects, gardening, and everything that comes with home ownership. We figured we’d use this blog as a catch-all for what’s going on in our lives.

You could say that we’re a millennial couple trying to adult. I prefer if you saw as a young couple trying to figure things out and make things work. It’s more relatable across generations; every adult has been there.

Because we’re so new to everything, please leave us lots of comments on our posts! Let us know your stories, what you’ve learned, and what we may be doing wrong! We love to learn from others’ mistakes instead of making our own. Though, I can promise we’ll do plenty of the later.

So far our family includes two cats name Mia and Eve, two guinea pigs named Leo and Gus, and a fish named Hamlet. We’re not sure when we’ll add more people to our family, but that will definitely become part of our blogging experience. Right now, we’re just enjoying our furry (and fishy) friends.

I hope you enjoy our posts and stick around with us!