6 Daily habits for a cleaner home

6 daily habits for a cleaner home | www.thegoodfamily.us
The 6 habits that we practice daily help keep our home cleaner.

6 Daily habits for a cleaner home

If you spend time at home, chances are you’re doing things to decrease the overall cleanliness of your house. You can’t help it; you’re a busy person. You’ve got errands to run, work to do, and maybe kids to chauffeur around town. So, it’s much easier to dump things where they don’t belong and move on with what you’re doing. But those little things all add up and before you know it you need to do some fake-cleaning before anybody sees your house! As a working girl myself, I found that these daily habits help keep my house in better order. I don’t always manage to keep these habits, but just being aware of them has helped me tremendously!

1.) Make the bed daily

Mothers everywhere are saying “duh” right now, but I know I always underestimate the impact this makes. The bedroom can have clothes hanging out of the dresser drawers and a bra on the lampshade, but if the bed is made, the room feels so much cleaner. Leave the bra where it is and make the bed instead.

2.) Wipe down the sink after using it

This applies in both the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen sink may not look like it needs it, but take the side sprayer and give it a good hose down after you use it. Same with the bathroom. Keep a rag in the vanity and just give the sink a quick wipe down after you brush your teeth or wash your hands. Doing these two things will keep scum from building up and keep deep cleaning sessions at bay for longer.

3.) Take care of the mail

If you’re going to pull it out of the mailbox and bring it in the house, do something with it besides putting it on the table. Michael is a pro at immediately throwing away the junk and opening what needs to be opened. However, I’ve seen the homes of people who do not do this and mail piles up so quickly! Papers every where. Don’t let it get out of control; take care of the mail immediately.

4.) Vacuum a room a day

Everything in your house creates dust that settles into your carpets. Your lovable pets, your bearded husband, and even your plush furniture. It’s all creating dust and dander that needs to be vacuumed up regularly. Try vacuuming one room a day. Or a piece of furniture. If you make vacuuming a habit, you’ll notice a big different in the overall cleanliness of your home. Your floors will be cleaner and your rooms will smell fresher. It’s worth the ten minute investment.

I want to do an experiment where I vacuum a room in my house two days in a row and see how full the canister is on day two. Let me know in the comments below if you’re interested in seeing the results of that experiment! 

5.) Do not put clothing on the floor

I’m so bad at this. My friends are bad at this. In fact, very many people are bad at this. I honestly don’t know the psychology behind why we put clothing on the floor, but we need to stop. When the floor has even one article of clothing on it, it looks messy. And you’re less likely to vacuum. So put dirty clothes into the hamper, clean clothes into the dresser, and work clothes on hangers. I’ll let you get away with a sock or two on the floor because nobody is perfect.

6.) Clean it when you see it (and have time to do it)

There are so many little things that can be dusted, wiped down, and put back where they belong. However, with our busy lives, we tend to look past these things or just ignore them completely. We just don’t have time to clean the mess on the kitchen counter as we’re running out the door to get to work. I get it. I really, truly do get it.
What I’ve done is that I’ve made it a habit to do one thing every time I enter a room. Maybe it’s hanging the dishtowel back up: Putting a pair of shoes by the front door: Replacing the garbage bag: Taking a dirty glass to the kitchen: Wiping the dust off of a shelf. One by one, it all makes a difference.

It’s hard to make cleaning a habit when you’re busy,

Leave a comment below, sharing what daily habits you have that keep your home clean. I know I’m always looking for new cleaning hacks!

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