Our Raised Ranch Home

It’s been a full year since we bought our house so it’s long past time to share some pictures.

We weren’t really planning on becoming home owners for a few more years, but when our landlord decided to sell the house we were renting, we were faced with a tough decision: Move to another rental for a few years before buying a home (and moving again) or scrape together a down payment a buy a house. Personally, I was sick of moving so we decided it was time to buy.

Here’s what we purchased:
This style of home is called a raised ranch. It’s very common in Western NY but definitely not anyone’s first choice in a home. I have to admit, it has grown on me since we’ve moved in.

These pictures are from the real-estate listing so please excuse the poor quality.

The main living room is right at the top of the steps.

living room 2        living room 1

The living room flows into the dining room making one large entertaining space.

Dining room

The kitchen is off of the dining room
kitchen 2       kitchen1


There are three bedrooms
master bedroom       master bath
Master bedroom with attached powder room

Alishas office Bedroom 2 – my office

bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 – guest room (my photo)

And finally there is the downstairs den complete with that pesky faux fireplace and a walkout patio.

downstairs     backdoor

After I do some cleaning, I’ll post pictures of what our house looks like a whole year later. More to come!

Leave us a comment letting us know what you think about our raised ranch! Would you ever buy a house like this?


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