Cat-proof the house: Fixing the Fireplace – story time

Story time: Mia is helping us discover new ways to cat-proof our house.

Our home came with a faux fireplace that allows for an electric insert. It’s actually quite nice! One issue arose when we got Mia and she insisted on going into the dark opening back there. We knew we needed to make it cat-proof somehow.

2015-12-28 15.44.21
Michael and Mia

Here’s what I’m talking about:
Fireplace Opening
Remember, I said it was fake, so that goes right into the wall in between the joists. Mia’s first night with us, she jumped up on that brick and we were able to fish her out before she hopped back there.

So to fix the issue, as we want to do something with the fireplace, I just made a quick “cap” to prevent anything from getting up in there but also leave it’s unapparent that something has been done. I took some lumber that I had (Extra boards for the deck that we want to remove), cut/screwed them together, and here we go! The fireplace is officially cat-proof.
2015-12-29 12.43.41    2015-12-29 12.44.14

We hope to get a new insert for the fireplace at some point.


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